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  • U2News - Vhils - U2 - Raised By Wolves

  • U2News - Mode 2 - U2 - Song For Someone

    Tomorrow, as a companion to U2's album Songs of Innocence, the band is releasing Films of Innocence, one video for each song on the album. But today we've got an early preview of the video for "Song for Someone," which shows the creation of a mural by the British painter Mode 2 in the town of Omagh in Northern Ireland.

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  • U2News - Conor Harrington - U2 - The Crystal Ballroom

    Some of the world's most acclaimed urban artists have created a unique series of films inspired by Songs of Innocence.

    Taking the political murals of Northern Ireland as a reference point, U2 wanted to celebrate the unique democratic power of urban art. The collection, Films Of Innocence, goes on sale tomorrow on iTunes and Amazon but for 24 hours from today, the eleven films are being premiered on 11 different platforms. See below for details on where to see the films.

    A 12th film is inspired by 'The Crystal Ballroom', one of the bonus tracks on the album. This film was made by Conor Harrington and today we're airing it exclusively for subscribers to

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  • U2News - U2 No Filter

    U2 responde a tus preguntas a través de su facebook oficial.

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  • U2News - ROA - U2 - Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

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  • U2News - Mazer - U2 - Cedarwood Road

    Following their well-publicised “largest album release of all time” in Songs of Innocence, U2 announce a corresponding visual art project titled Films of Innocence (released on iTunes tomorrow). Inspired by political murals, the band commissioned eleven artists to create video responses to each track on the album – and above you can watch the colourful and tripped-out geometry of “Cedarwood Road”, directed by graphic street artist Maser. Here, he shares an insight into his creative process.

    What was the inspiration behind your film?

    Maser: Dublin town, our relationship and love for it. I used my artwork as a tool to communicate this, there is a crossover in locations that have significant meaning for me and U2, places like Windmill Lane for example. I spent a lot of my youth there painting while the lads were inside recording. I wanted to show a true Dublin, creating artwork that moved and interacted with the back streets, its lanes as well as iconic landmarks, places that give our city character.

    Did you face any unique challenges?

    Maser: Yes – we created a time-lapse video of light paintings traveling through different locations in Dublin. It took 2 weeks to shoot, starting at 9pm until 5am every night. Each photo of a light painting created a frame, we needed to create appox 20 frames for 1 second of footage, the video is over 4 minutes long.

    How did it feel to participate in a project like this?

    Maser: Interesting. I usually paint, so working on a project where I could create moving artwork excited me. It was also a good opportunity to return to Dublin and play with the city again.

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  • U2News - DALeast - U2 - This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now

    New Yorkers: remember when that mural of two ghostly, Cessna-sized birds went up on St. Marks this summer? The above video, set to the song "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now," off U2's iPhone-infiltrating album Songs of Innocence, shows us the mural's creation and the eccentric brains behind it: Chinese-born artist DALeast. He's one of 11 street artists, among them Todd James, D*Face and ROA, who created new work, on camera, to the sounds of U2. (The band conceived the Films of Innocence project based on the political murals that pepper Northern Ireland.) We chose this one because of DALeast's gorgeously haunting mural, and because of the glimpse it offers of New York's dark corners: an abandoned theater, the side streets of Soho at dawn, the skyline from an East Village rooftop.

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